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Historical background

Built around the year 1000, the abbey church is in Romanesque style and is dedicated to St Peter the Apostle. The signs of the various reconstructions performed over time can be seen, with architectural elements dating back to different eras (the late Middle Ages, the sixteenth century and nineteenth century).

The church is simple in its structure (rectangular plan with three naves). The façade displays a twin lancet window of probably Benedictine origin, as are the other two twin lancet windows visible from the cloister.

Inside the church the recently restored frescoes of Francesco Torbido, also known as the "il Moro", can be seen which date back to 1535. More recent additions are the altar, which dates back to the second half of the eighteenth century (the work of the sculptors Giovanni and Giuseppe Mattiussi of Udine) and the statues adorning the church.