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The Abbey of Rosazzo Foundation is a legally recognized body whose statutory aims are the promotion and management of cultural events, organization of conferences, seminars, study courses and the like, both residential and non-residential, under the direct supervision of the Archbishop of Udine.

The Foundation was established by the convergence of various different entities, including the Diocese of Udine, public and private institutions and private individuals, and has been operating in the region for over ten years.

Through the activities it has organized - conferences, meetings and artistic events - the Foundation has been able to provide new input and added value to the surrounding area. Fruitful relations have been set in motion which have led to profitable exchanges of knowledge and innovative solutions to contingent problems, all in the setting of the millenary abbey and focal point of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Foundation thus has had a dual intention of making the abbey a cultural hub of thought and enhancing it by making known its special characteristics through direct experience.